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Savvy Dentistry Solutions

How can you provide a Solution when you don’t know what is the Problem?

The world is changing more quickly than ever before and we as individuals feel we are falling behind the curve and ever increasingly feel lost. I look back on my life realizing all the mistakes I made at the time, wishing I knew then what I know now. As the saying goes,

“Too soon old and too late smart.”

I look at the world differently now than when I was younger and see people making the same mistakes I did, thinking what a waste of time, money and one’s hopes. I want to help, maybe point out how their decision is flawed, and modify their decision and possibly offer other “out-of-the-box “solutions.

Too often people don’t ask the questions, ”What if?” and “Why” more importantly, ”Why not?”

If you have a problem, large or small, I would be honoured to offer you my “two cents worth” but hopefully, my more valuable advice.

Why Not ?